Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We went to the Science Museum called La Cite des Science today.

We played Health Games.  Here are some of the games I played: pumping blood, picture and word series to test my memory, tested my heart rate (it was 100 beats a minute), scanned groceries to test if you eat enough healthy food or too much junk food. In one game, you have to match up on a balance scale how much exercise you need to do to wear off the food (calories). Did you know that to burn off ice cream, you have to do judo for 30 minutes?

After we finished all the games we could do, we printed out our results.  I think I did a little better than Mama, because in one test it said she had too much fat in her favorite foods and maybe drank too much wine.

Then we saw an IMAX movie, which was in a big silver ball.  I learned about when the Hubble space telescope broke and astronauts had to fix it.  It was a pretty long movie and the language was in French, but the letters on the screen were in English.

I went to the gift shop and I bought a Star Wars X-Wing. (I really wanted a Millenium Falcon, but it was too many euros.  A euro is a type of money, like a dollar--like a few dollars!)

Fun Fact of the Day:

French Word of the Day
Au revoir: This word means bye or bye-bye.

Tonight, I've been watching Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes in French. They're funny videos, even in French.

See ya!

Julien Remy