Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Catacombs!

Hey! I feel like I haven't done my blog in a long time. It's June 4, so close to my birthday! And all kids who are in school, summer break's coming! One more thing before we start: to Shepard Elementary students and teachers, thanks for the best school year ever! I want to thank all the students in my class for making 4th grade the golden grade.

Well, today I went to the catacombs! A complex under-ground place were bones live. It used to be a quarry where people mined stone. In the 1700s, basements from normal houses got packed with bones because grave yards were seeping into the house because there were too many bones in the graveyard. So the king emptied the graveyards and put the bones in the catacombs-and they rhyme! 

2 hour long wait. Priceless.

Enter the catacombs after a 2 hour priceless wait, finally!

183 steps down beneath Paris!

A small stone castle

You turn to zombies when you enter the bone part of it.

There are millions of skulls here.

I turned into a ghost for a few minutes.

Neatly organized bones.

The black stripe was painted here before there was electricity to guide tourists in the catacombs.

This is my final picture in the catacombs. I would like to go here again, just not enduring the 2 hour wait.

This is your last Find the mushroom! Leave the answer in the Comments.
French Word of the day:
Sortie (sor-tee): Exit

French Fact: In France, when it's in summer, it gets dark around 10:30 at night! In December, it gets dark around 5 PM.

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Julien Rémy