Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My trip to Versailles

I went to a castle today.

We took several metros and one really big fast train called the RER. The chateau de Versailles is more like a palace, not a medieval castle.  When I first saw the chateau, I saw a gate that looked like it was made out of gold. I asked my Mama, "Is that real gold?' And she told me they were painted with real gold in paint.

We went to the gardens first instead of going into the castle. The garden was HUGE, probably about a couple of miles long.

The king built this big, gigantic garden with labyrinths everywhere. The garden was basically built to entertain his child (the dauphin) and his rich guests.

There are many fountains. Here are some pictures of them.
Having fun at the Dragon Fountain
This is the Apollo fountain. He's riding horses out of the water...

After we looked at the fountains and walked a lot through the gardens, we found an open labyrinth.

It was pretty easy to finish the maze despite the complex picture on the map.

Then, we went BOATING in the castle's canals (les caneaux)!
A picture of me rowing

Don't worry. I've got this....

Arggggghhhhh! Scurvy dogs!

The clouds looked pretty ferocious. Not far away, there was a small cloud that was literally pitch back, but it didn't rain on us. I liked the boating experience. I liked it when I got to row the boat, but I didn't get to do it very long because I wasn't very good at it, as you can see.

We also visited my Tata Francoise again. And I found out something: her cat, named Biscotte (shown below) is a demon! Just kidding. She just wants something to eat.

Creepy cat, Julie, and me

French Word of the Day:

fraise (frez): strawberry. We ate some fraise ice cream at Versailles!

French Fact of the Day:
It is very rare to live in a house in Paris. Almost everyone in Paris lives in an apartment.

Now, Find the Mushroom in Versailles!

Thanks for Reading!
Julien Rémy