Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Things First.

Hello everyone! I'm in Paris but let's start in London shall we?

We took a train called The Tube, but it's your normal subway. If you're in France, the subway is called le Metro. First we went to the Courtauld Gallery. 

We looked around and I soon saw a portrait of Van Gogh. Mama said there's a legend where he cut off part of his ear and mailed it to his girl friend because he was sad that he broke - up with her. His girl friend must have hated Van Gogh even more if you ask me. Poor guy.

Then we went and saw Big Ben, I'm not so sure why they don't  call it Big Benjamin.    
Big Ben
Old timey telephone booth
The Thames River

Then we flew to Paris!! 

On the plane, I did 16 math problems in 1 hour. And one more thing: isn't that thing supposed to be in a Mario game? It's crawling on me!
A One-Up Mushroom containing sour candies

This is your French word of the day:
Marcher comme un mort vivant (marshay come un more veev-on)--This means "to walk like a zombie."
I was walking comme un mort vivant because I was so tired in London because I barely got any sleep, I was hungry, and my stomach was cramping.

Little known French Fact of the day:
In a lot of French houses, the bathroom with the sink and shower has no toilet. The toilet is in some other part of the house because the French don't want their bathroom to get stinky.

Get a 1-Up:
I'm doing something new this time!
A game! Find the 1-up mushroom in my photograph below and leave a comment with the right answer to get a 1-up point. Whoever gets the most points by first finding the mushrooms will get a Present From France at the end of my stay! (I'll mail it to you in June.)
Look at the mushroom I have in my hand.

Can you find the mushroom in the picture below:

Thanks for reading!
Julien Rémy