Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Market at rue Belgrand

salted cod

tuna and salmon

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crab and seaweed

done shopping!

Belleville Parc Surprise

Hello again! Today I went to a parc called Belleville! Before I start, I would like to note parc is park in French. So, as I was saying, I went to a parc called Belleville, which is a wonderful park that has free climbing, free going on a huge fort, and free going down a slide.

The slide is what's most important in Belleville. The slide is huge. It's probably 20 meters long (65 feet). Now, I went down the slide 5 or 6 times, and on the last time I went down the slide, I wasn't very happy. It turns out that I unfortunately slid through something greenish yellow and brown. It got all over my clothes. It got on my shirt, on my jacket sleeve, on my jeans, and on my FACE! At first, I thought it was mud. Then, I thought it was dog poo. My heart sank. So I went to my Mama to show her, in hopes that it was not dog poo. And when I talked to her, guess what? It wasn't dog poop.

It was worse.

It was pigeon diarrhea.

My heart sank down and fell out my ribs. So I had an exhausting walk to the Metro, which was far away, to go back to my apartment to take a shower. It felt refreshing, but also felt a bit gross.

More pictures!
real stinky cheese, but yummy

sardines and anchovies

Me talking with Papa

Notre Dame de la Croix (Our Lady of the Cross) not too far away--not the big Notre Dame

French word of the day:
embarrassé: To feel embarrassed. I felt embarrassé when I walked to the Metro with bird poo on my hand.

Little known French fact :
The ground floor number is known as zero instead of the first floor.

Game Time!!!
 Find the 1-up mushroom!!!
Thank you for reading!
Julien Rémy