Friday, December 16, 2011

Breakfast in Paris

It's 11:43, and I'm eating my breakfast!  I didn't sleep very well last night.  I was awake trying to get to sleep. Mama calls it "jetlag."

Here is my breakfast, French style:
Two dark chocolate cookies, yogurt with fruit, licorice tea, and orange juice.

This cookie will be the French phrase of the day. Here is a petit ecolier (puh-tea eh-coh-lee-eh), which means little schoolboy. We got two flavors: dark chocolate and noisette (hazelnut) chocolate
 Mmm.  French food makes me full.

Papa came home last night with a REAL tree!  I thought it was going to be from the ground to my waist. In fact, it's even taller than me! We used a purple bird instead of a star on top.
Today, we're going to see the movie Hugo, which I have never heard of.  We wanted to see The Adventures of Tintin because I LOVE reading those comic books, but it's not in the English version here.  Which means we wouldn't understand most of the words because I don't know French that well.

French fact of the day:
Usually when you're traveling to France, the first night you have trouble sleeping. So plan to stay in bed until noon, and try not to complain! It's vacation!

PS: Bonjour, Mrs. Micek and 3rd Grade!  Bonjour, Hayden and Josh!
PPS: This is a picture of TinTin
The letters are backwards! Silly camera!