Friday, December 16, 2011

Breakfast in Paris

It's 11:43, and I'm eating my breakfast!  I didn't sleep very well last night.  I was awake trying to get to sleep. Mama calls it "jetlag."

Here is my breakfast, French style:
Two dark chocolate cookies, yogurt with fruit, licorice tea, and orange juice.

This cookie will be the French phrase of the day. Here is a petit ecolier (puh-tea eh-coh-lee-eh), which means little schoolboy. We got two flavors: dark chocolate and noisette (hazelnut) chocolate
 Mmm.  French food makes me full.

Papa came home last night with a REAL tree!  I thought it was going to be from the ground to my waist. In fact, it's even taller than me! We used a purple bird instead of a star on top.
Today, we're going to see the movie Hugo, which I have never heard of.  We wanted to see The Adventures of Tintin because I LOVE reading those comic books, but it's not in the English version here.  Which means we wouldn't understand most of the words because I don't know French that well.

French fact of the day:
Usually when you're traveling to France, the first night you have trouble sleeping. So plan to stay in bed until noon, and try not to complain! It's vacation!

PS: Bonjour, Mrs. Micek and 3rd Grade!  Bonjour, Hayden and Josh!
PPS: This is a picture of TinTin
The letters are backwards! Silly camera!


  1. Have fun today and every day, Julien!

  2. Wow! My kids would love to have cookies for breakfast!

    My wife and I went to see Hugo the other day. It's a really fun movie. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. :)

  3. Thank you, Colin! The clock that he was working in sort of looked like the London clock, don't you think? (from Julien)

  4. It did, Julien! I saw the book on which the movie is based in Barnes and Noble the other day. There are lots of pictures in the book (as well as the story), and the pictures look just like scenes from the movie, which shows they paid close attention to the book when they were making the movie. I like it when film-makers respect books. :)