Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My first whole day back in Paris

I am suffering from no sleep.

And I'm being forced to stay awake. It's painful.

Mom told me to explain why I'm here...why am I here? I asked. I'm that tired.

I just had a long, exhausting walk from the Jardin de Luxembourg. They have a park in Luxembourg.
A small zip line at the park.  It kept me awake for 2 seconds.

Just simply me looking at a river. 

Me waiting in an exhausting, long line for the zip line.
I'm living here for five months, and I'm going to school. And the teachers speak FRENCH! I might not understand them! Ahhhhhhhh!

Bye the way, remember how last blog, I did the one-up mushroom contest? I'm going to be doing a similar thing, only with an angry birds pig. Next time, I'll show you the pig.

And just saying, I have a brand new youtube channel called Pasta deCilantro. Please check it out and subscribe.

Good bye. Sorry that this one was so short.

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