Monday, May 16, 2011


Today, I walked 1, 280 steps.  That's how much is in the Eiffel Tower, and that's how much we walked.  We've always taken the elevator before, but this time, we took the stairs.

Huff huff huff.  There are more steps to go!
There are 640 steps up and 640 steps down.

Afterward, we went to the park.
These are pictures from Sunday.

(This is a picture of me after climbing the Eiffel Tower.)

Ahhhhh! Ooh, that feels good.

(Can you believe I climbed that thing? One time I almost got my sneaker stuck in one of those holes.)
French Word of the Day:
Arrete: That means "Stop"

My Fun Fact for Today:
(Sorry it's sideways.)
The Eiffel Tower took two years, five months, and two days for the monument to be fully built.

Julien Rémy

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  1. Julien~that is SO cool! Looks like you had a great day! I will show Josh your blog when he gets home. He misses you, but is excited you are having such a great time :)
    Take care~
    Mrs. Nelson