Sunday, May 15, 2011


This morning, I had some time to play.  Then we had a long trip to the airport.

We went to the Dallas Fort Worth International airport. 

I'm at the airport restaurant; I'm reading Star Wars 

What is that thing behind me? It is a metal sculpture of city buildings, I think.
Unfortunately, the plane was one hour late.  When we got on the plane, we had to wait just a few more minutes.
Then when we started taking off, we were going really fast.  It was between 100 and 200 miles per hour!  I felt like I was being forced back by something. 
For dinner, I had salad, a piece of bread, meat and potatoes, beans and vegetables.  Yummy!  I asked the drink lady, “Pepsi, s’il vous plait!” And when she gave me the drink, I said, “Merci.” S’il vous plait means “please,” and Merci means “thank you.”
My teddy bear, Violet (Vee-oh-lay), which means Purple in French, he was so smart. When the whole group in the plane heard a beep, Violet told me he thought it was the sign that it was time to take off in a few seconds.  It was his first time on a plane.
Unfortunately, the TV movies on the plane are broken.
Right now, it’s 8:32, and I’m a little sleepy.  I’m going to take a nap for the night.

We finally arrived at 10 AM on Sunday!

Ahh!  This is my apartment balcony in Paris.
It's a little cool out here.  I am out on the balcony. 
This is my precious Maman and my handsome Papa.

Say cheese!

I'm out on the balcony taking lots of pictures.

French Word of the Day
Avion (ah vee on): airplane

Here’s a sentence:
Qu’est que tu voudrais?  (kesca too voo dray)
This sentence means “What would you like?”

We are going to go the park today.

See ya!

Julien Remy

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