Monday, May 9, 2011

My Last Trip to Paris

The last time I went to Paris, it was winter.  It was freezing.  These are some of the things I saw.

This is the French Ferris wheel! I didn't ride on it because it was too cold. You would have froze to death when you got to the top:

This museum is HUGE! It would take 5 days to look at all the art in this place! It's called the Louvre.

Can you recognize where I am?  If you guessed inside the Eiffel Tower, you are right!

This is my favorite place.  I visit the Eiffel Tower every time I go to France.
Here's my French word of the day
L'anglais (long-lay): this word means English.

My Fun Fact for today
France is located in Europe, and the capital of France is Paris! I think it is because it has the Eiffel Tower, which is pretty special.  It's a landmark.

The next time I write a post, I'll be on the plane to France.
See ya!
Julien Rémy

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