Monday, December 19, 2011

After two days

Since the blog didn't get shown up for two days, this post will be extra long.  But first, let me tell you about what happened in these two days.

First, I went in a train that lasted for about two hours.  When we finished, we took a car ride that lasted about an hour. When we were riding in the car, my mom's friend Amy pointed to a REAL medieval castle. It had quite a lot of turrets. And it was in the middle of a suburb!

When we got out of the car, we were in the French countryside!  We went into a somewhat abandoned-looking castle, but when we got inside, it looked like a regular beautiful house. This was Miss Amy's house. Miss Amy writes books.  She has a four and a half year old girl and a 6 year old boy. At first they opened up some toys that I gave them as presents. We ran around and played with swords (it was really fun). When I was safe, I did a dance and sang, "I am protected!" I could speak a little French and the kids could speak English a bit, so we could understand each other. Then, there was a little shed with a little trampoline inside. We jumped on that for a little while.  I haven't been on a trampoline for at least six months, so I quite enjoyed it. Then we played swords again and played on the computer.  

(We took pictures, but we forgot our computer cord, so we can't download the pictures from the camera.)

For dinner, we ate veal with Papa's sauce, some salads, and some things that I'm not sure what they were. But they were good. We had a tarteline for dessert.

We spent the night in the country.  That was Saturday.  Before I tell you about Sunday, let me tell you something pretty cool.  Me and my mom finally finished the Lego Millenium Falcon on Sunday morning. Here it is, my big Christmas present. (I opened it early because it wouldn't fit in a suitcase for the plane.)

Han Solo is driving

On Sunday, back in Paris, we went to a very good friend of Papa's. Her name is Madame Francoise. She is a very very very lucky woman because in her apartment, you can see the Eiffel Tower. At night, it starts to glow with yellow light.  And then, every hour for a few minutes, the Eiffel Tower starts to sparkle like fireworks with bluish-white lights. Her daughter lives downstairs, and the coolest thing about her room is that she has a bookshelf, and that bookshelf is technically a secret doorway to another house that belongs to Madame Francoise's sister! I also saw Biscotte, the little lazy cat of the house. She's round, and she gets up only when she's hungry, pretty much.

We stayed there until midnight. There were 11 people for dinner in total.  The dinner lasted a very very long time.  Papa asked a 9 year old boy named Alexandre if he wanted to play checkers with me. (He doesn't really speak English.)  So we did, and guess who won?  (Me!)

French word of the day:  
cadeau (ca-doh) I gave cadeaux to Miss Amy's children.

French Fact of the Day: 
People shop for their fresh foods at a French market.  If you're thinking Tom Thumb or Walmart, they don't have that here! A French market sells things like sardines and bread and octopus and radishes and toothbrushes and toys and potatoes outside with a tent roof over it, and it only lasts for a few hours. It's pretty odd, but this is true: we saw all sorts of things for sale at the market, like panties for sale right next to oranges.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this extra long post.  And we won't forget to do another post tomorrow, so please show up and give me a comment!


  1. Do you realize how jealous people are back in the states reading about your fantastic trip? :-)

    And I LOVE Star Wars & think your Millenium Falcon is very cool! (I still have many of the figures from when I was a kid...and I'm your mom's age!)


  2. Loved reading about your weekend adventure.
    I love Markets, there are many markets here in Mexico.

  3. I read this post because Miss Amy put the link on Facebook. It was great to read your descriptions of what you have been seeing and doing. I am sure that if my 8-year-old son visited Madame Francoise's apartment, the bookcase/secret doorway would be his favorite thing, too. Also--I teach English at a University, and I want to tell you that the experience you are getting with writing now will be a great help to you as you go farther in school. Good job.

  4. Hi Julien. Miss Amy here. Just to let you know that I loved your blog post and read it to Max and Lucia who were thrilled that you wrote about them. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Paris trip!

  5. Babychirps, Thank you! One day I would like to go to Mexico. Selliott, thank you! My mom does the same thing as you, only she teaches at SMU. Thank you, Miss Amy!

  6. Hi Julien, it's Josh! Sounds like you are having a fun time in Paris. Someday maybe, my family would love to go to Paris. As I can see, the Millenium Falcon looks REALLY cool! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Can't wait to see you when you get back.

  7. Dear Julien,
    I really think the Millenium Falcon is cool. Have a Happy, Merry Christmas.
    Ben Nelson

  8. Dear Julien~
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!
    Anna Nelson

  9. Merry Christmas, Josh! Merry Christmas, Ben! Merry Christmas, Anna! And did you know how long it took to build the Millenium Falcon? Four days. (From Julien)