Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas in Paris 2011

Well, I'm back in Paris!  And this time, I'm staying for two weeks, not one! I get to come here for Christmas because Papa is working. (Hi, Mrs. Micek! Hi, Third Graders!)

The trip started yesterday, and we're still awake. And here are some pictures we took while we were in the 8 and a half hour plane trip.  And let me tell you one thing: we were being silly.

Right now, I’m in a little house called an appartement (uh-part-uh-mont). We have a little back yard garden called a terrace (tare-ross), which is rare for homes in a big city like Paris.
Here is a picture of me in our appartement:

I have two bits of bad news:
1.  I forgot my favorite stuffed animal, who I love to take on my trips. I left him in a carry-on bag on the sofa at home. It made me feel horrible because I got Violet (my purple bear) when I was four years old, and I've slept with him every single night, even on trips. I practically had a heart-attack. 
2. My mom (not me!) forgot the cord that allows you to take pictures and send them from the camera to the computer for this blog. Unfortunately, it will be harder to download the pictures we take in France. We'll think of something . These pictures were taken from my mom's laptop. It's not like she can carry her laptop every single place we want to go and videotape me!  So maybe we'll just take pictures inside the appartement.

Here's the good news!
1. On the night before our trip, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring...wait, that isn't right! On the night before our trip, I opened up most of my Christmas presents because most of the presents were too humungous to fit in the luggage. My favorite was the Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon.

2.  In one hour we're going to get a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree (a VERY teeny tiny tree).

3. We are in Paris!

Here is the French phrase of the day:
Je m'appelle _______.
(zhu ma pell...______)
This means, "My name is..."  Je m'appelle Julien!

If you'd all be kind enough to visit my blog tomorrow, I'll write another post about a really cool park nearby.

Fun Fact of the day:
When you're riding on the Metro (subway), sometimes all over trucks, buildings and walls, people spray paint pictures and words.  Mom says it's called graffiti. Some of it's not pretty, but sometimes they can be very pretty. 

Please leave a comment if you like my blog, and come back every day.  I'll write about what I see and what I learn every day.


  1. Hope you get lots of rest to catch up on those hours lost. (And I love the pix of you and mom on the plane!)

  2. Sounds like you are having fun already! The pictures are GREAT! I am looking forward to reading about your plans and adventures tomorrow!

  3. Thank you, Greg and Galit! Those are nice comments! (from Julien)