Thursday, May 16, 2013

Science in Paris

Hello! Today I went to a science museum! It's called Cité des Sciences. Sorry,no translation because it's obvious.

First we checked in. Second we got tickets. Then we walked in the 5 – 12 years section and had fun! We went to the movie-making section and I read a small script on a small screen in front of me in a funny British accent, and when I finished it replayed the tape on the screen. Also, there was a control room for six special effect tapes. One room had a rock band with fake guitars, pianos, and drums. But on the movie screen, it all looked real.

The next room had a fake car, and there was a background of a road as if the car was actually moving. Someone recorded the scene in the back of a moving car, and once he finished the tape, he put it in the museum behind the fake car. It makes it look like the fake car is actually a real car moving. 

Next, we went to a green room with a carpet on a ramp in front of three small tv monitors. The monitor made the green room look like a snowy mountain. The second monitor which was right in front me showed me on the carpet with the mountain background, and it looked as if I were on a flying carpet. The third monitor was of me on the carpet in the green room with no mountain background. The screens were combined to make the special effects. What’s really funny is that you can step off the carpet and it looks like you’re standing in midair!

There were two more special effect rooms, but that’s a bit too much to type.
The Nature Butterfly room

The Ant Mound area
The Ant Restaurant (not the cemetery). The Ant Cemetery goes to the right.
There was also a water room where you could experiment with water pressure and plastic balls and other objects.
This is a tube that makes a ball shoot out the other end with air pressure. Somehow, this malfunctioned and it shot out and hit my face about 2 seconds after this picture.  I fell on my derriere!
The last room was more or less a machine room where you could design a blueprint, and a machine could craft a foldable paper box for you. I just followed the instructions after the machine crafted my box, and voila! I had an original cute, fancy box!
Here, I'm designing my box.

I was just about to go to a new room when they announced the closing of the museum. Sniff sniff. We’ll have to go back again to finish.

French word of the Day
Vache (pronounced vosh): cow.
I learned this funny sentence from my Papa: "Je parle le francais comme une vache espanole." (which means, I speak French like a Spanish cow.) hee hee.

French Fact of the Day
Late at night, the Eiffel Tower shines a bright yellow. And once every hour, it sparkles a pretty blue for one minute. 

I have a 3DS, and so do other French kids out there. 3DS has something called “Street Pass” where you get new Mii friends when you pass them on the street. I have several French friends now and their Mii’s help me complete new games. Here’s a picture of Luigi and the 1-Up Mushroom:

Now, it’s time for you to find the 1-Up Mushroom!

Last picture: my dessert last night. 


  1. The mushroom is on the top shelf in the fridge:) I had fun looking at your pictures again today!

  2. I...I...I'm...I'm...I need...I need that-th-cake thingy mijuggy...m-must eat it...MUST!!