Monday, May 20, 2013

The Doctor, Tonton Alain, and the rainy weekend

This weekend I was sick! I woke up 6:45 with a bad, sharp, pain reactor. So I went to the doctor - he pushed my intestine - no surgery, just pushing. The results? Constipation from eating too much French bread! (⊙▂⊙) The doctors were actually very nice. My medicine helped me. It tasted so sweet I couldn't drink it all in one gulp.
The doctor's door. Looks so old-timey. Weirdly, there's NO elevator, so the sick people like me have to walk up the stairs. Unlucky for me, his office was on the third floor. I actually walked up 4 stories because in France, 0 is the ground floor.

The view from the doctor's office, looking at the City Hall.

On Saturday and Sunday, I visited with Tonton Alain and Tata Dana. Tonton (Uncle) and Tata (Aunt) visited us on Sunday. They brought a small present for me! What could it be? Could it be a pillow? Could it be one of those square books? I didn't open it up right away because I wanted to wait for what I call THE RIGHT MOMENT. That was about 30 minutes after I received the present. So, when I opened it, it was nothing what I expected. It was another box. So I opened that box, and I found a cute zoo bowl. It's a big cereal bowl with a bunch of cute zoo animals on it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it because it's in the dishwasher. I used it shortly after I received it for cereal--that's one of my favorite things to do: eat, eat, and eat. A lot.

Tonton Alain and Tata Dana

The weather this weekend was rainy rainy rainy. Oh well. My Mama was too sick to go out anyway. She's gluten-intolerant, which means whenever she eats bread, she gets extreme stomach aches. I think she accidentally ate something with gluten in it. So this weekend, Mama downloaded games on the Kindle that we could all play together. We played the digital Game of Life, Trivial Pursuit, and (on my Kindle) my brother recommended a game called Jumping Finn. So I got that game. I say Jumping Finn is a bit too easy, but my Mama doesn't like it very much cause there's what you call "kicking" involved. (And just think, my Mama's right by me when I'm writing this very blog.)

There wasn't much to do, so I decided to read a book that I favored: Warriors. Actually, lots of Warriors books. I know some people don't like that series, but I like it. It's about a house cat who decides to go out in the forest and explore. He meets up with a cat "clan" and then joins it, and has to survive with three other clans who are hostile toward it. There are 6 books, and I'm close to finishing the 5th! My Mama always wanted me to download books on my Kindle, but I think now she's not very happy about because she's spending a bunch of money on books!

French Word of the Day:
Le chat (sounds like: luh shah)
That means "the cat." In France, that's also what playing tag is called. Whoever is "it" is the cat.
Je veux jouer le chat!  I want to play tag!
(sounds like: Zhu vuh zhoo-ay luh shah)

French Fact of the Day:
Children in Paris don't normally drink apple juice like many Texan kids do, including me. French kids drink orange juice most of the time. It's harder to find apple juice in the stores, but it sure is worth it.
Also, NEVER put your feet on the Metro seats or on a couch because you never know what you stepped in on the streets. There's pee and other stuff you probably don't want to know out there. People won't want to sit where your shoes were placed, and it's very rude. It makes me think I should not put my shoes on the couch when I get home.

Now, Find the 1-Up Mushroom for your chance to win a present from Paris! Leave your answer in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!
Julien Rémy


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry you and your mom were sick this weekend. Hopefully you are both on the mend. I am enjoying reading about your adventures in Paris. I will have Josh catch up when he gets home from school.
    Take care~Mrs. Nelson

    1. Thanks! Did Josh find the hidden mushroom?!

  2. Hi Julien! Even though you and your mom got sick, it still sounds like you're learning many new things and having all kinds of adventures. I'm looking forward to your future updates!

    1. Thank you, Samantha! And I am learning many new things. For instance, laying in bed until 11 o'clock while it's raining outside helps you play video games. LOL!(Did you also find the 1-up mushroom? Its top is green with white spots on top.)

  3. Hello Julien! Once again, I am loving your blog from Paris. Thanks so much for sharing with us. (Sorry both you and your mom got sick.) Hope you are both well to enjoy the remainder of the trip!

  4. I was very busy for a few days, so I couldn't comment. Is the mushroom behind one of the wine glasses? Anyway, I love reading about your adventures in France. Ask your dad if he knows the song "Sur le Pont d'Avignon". That's one of the only three songs I know in French:)

  5. This is Josh here, and yes I did find the mushroom! It's under a glass wine bottle!

  6. Anyway, sorry. Look how long it took me to comment.(Look up at date.)

    1. Don't be sorry! I replied on June 4th! Now that, I bet, is late! Josh, there's something you've been wanting to hear. I finally got Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon for my 3DS! Almost done with it, but not completely. I've chosen not to complete it until after my birthday party. ANNNND, Josh (tell Hayden about this, too): we've got some souvenirs for you at the catacombs shop! See you at my birthday party!

  7. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!