Sunday, August 31, 2014

The deep dark depths of the catacombs

 It's me again, and I have a more stuff to tell you! So I'll start off with the Catacombs. Now for those who don't exactly know what the catacombs are, they are underground tunnels filled with skull and bone hallways. As the title suggests, the catacombs are VERY deep. But let's not get to there just yet.

So you know, we take the metro, doin' all that stuff, and then we get out of the metro, and go into the line. Boy, I should've known the line would be HUGE. Last year when we went there, we had to wait 2 HOURS. But THIS time, the line was so long, it actually reached the BEGINNING again. And let me tell you, that's LONG. We waited a bit more than 3 hours and actually had to eat LUNCH while we were in line. Then, after 3 exasperating hours, we finally got to the front of line.
FINALY at the front of the line!

At the start of the catacombs, there are A TON of stairs-- over 130 steps down. We finally get to the bottom. We had to go through a bunch of long hallways, and believe me, you feel like you're gonna be sacrificed to King Arthur's corpse or something. And before I know it, we find BONE-FILLED hallways!

The French created these catacombs because of floods that took a ton of skeletons out of their coffins, scaring everyone. So they moved the skeletons to these catacombs to, 1. Not scare everyone, and 2. Let the skeletons rest in peace. So now that you know, I can continue. Now, the paths are kinda narrow, and the roof is pretty low. So, if you don't like that feeling of: "IT'S GONNA CAVE IN!!" then you might not wanna go down there.

Now that I've described it to you, I can tell that you probably want to see some pictures. So here you go, you greedy little hyenas.

I watch this trash EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

My wonderful Metro booth photo for my lunch card.

A long hallway to the 6 million bones. Very VERY long.

HE's staring into my soul...

Well, that pretty much sums up this lesson.
But, we still have have our French Word of the Day to do!  So, the French Word of the Day is: mort, and morte. This means dead.
Mort is the masculine form, and morte is the feminine form.
Il est mort! (He is dead!)

So that's it for today! See you next time!

I'm ready for school! Aw yeah.

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