Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A long wait

Hey! It's been awhile since I've done a post, hasn't it? Well, I'll do a recap of what's been going on. So first I'll start with school.

I have some friends in school now, my favorite of which is Toby. Now don't judge me when I say I have a favorite. Most are NOT my favorite. Seriously. They do crazy things. For instance, the French (including kids) travel by metro, which is basically the subway. My classmates' idea of fun is when the metro doors open up at a station, they get out and run across the gigantic station to touch the wall on the other side, and come all the way BACK to their train car before the doors close. They once literally got stuck between the doors while the train was leaving.  They are still nice to me, which I suppose is a favor. But there is a downside of having friends in Paris. English is NOT their foreign language right? So they take advantage of this, and cuss everywhere they go. Except Toby. He's awesome. We actually also had a field trip to the American Library of Paris. FINALLY! Something American! But I won't lie, I am learning a lot of French here, and am really happy so far!

However, there have been some "problems" in school. There is a bully in school. He constantly tries to trip me, then kick out what ever is in my hand. If there is nothing in my hand, he just kicks my hand, and laughs and says "Really?" Too bad. I also had a tutoring teacher who made me rush my WONDERFUL lunch (French cafeteria food is amazing) so I could spend an extra hour of French tutoring in class. So that was a bummer, but it's all over now, thank GOODNESS. I'm starting to do some school at home. I'll keep you updated!

At home, I'm also learning violin! I sound terrible right now.
So I'll get to some more interesting stuff.

Last Friday, I went to the Louvre, a big paradise of learning. But not just that, it has the the famous Mona Lisa, which is Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous painting, which I have actually seen with my own eyes, but this year I didn't get to see. But we DID see were carved ancient Greek statues. They are mostly nude, which makes things more interesting!

This is the Emperor Marcellus (20 years B.C.). What I've learned about him is that he was adopted by Emperor Augustus, who was also adopted by Julius Caesar. (The Greeks "cherished" their adopted children more than the natural-born children!) He is standing in the position of "contrapasto," which means his weight is on one foot and his hip leaning forward. The robe on his left arm is actually supporting the statue's weight. It looks so light and realistic. Can you find the turtle? The turtle is under his robe on the ground. It's very realistic, too. It's a symbol of his relationship to Caesar. 

I've been also been doing thigns on the weekend. I decided I should make a spooky Halloween special for my youtube channel. (Even though it's past Halloween.) And I decided what better way to make a video of this than play Five Nights At Freddy's? It turns out, my camera was ALWAYS on the top left corner of the screen because of the suspension. It turns out I am a failure in terms of entertainment. 

And thats really all thats been happening so far. But WAIT! I still have pictures to show you! 
So far, so good...


My failed Five Nights at Freddy's Gameplay
We're at the highest point in Paris: Sacre Coeur

At the Air and Space Museum: The Concorde, a plane that is no longer in service. It's the fastest  plane and breaks the sound barrier.

A real rocket

A flighter plane

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  1. Hey Julien! Josh here! I hope you get better! Btw, you play the Violin? Just wondering... I play the Cello in Orchestra at my school. Also, I haven't been posting much Youtube videos because I've been really busy, if you wanted to know. Oh, and by the way, could you post perhaps some more Minecraft videos? I really like them. Well, France looks really cool! You are so AWESOME! I bet you have a bajillion friends! So, good luck! -Josh Nelson OH! and PS! Hayden is doing great, if you wanted to know.